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Raw dairy has been a nutritional staple for many civilizations  over the centuries that cows have been domesticated. It is a great source of carbohydrates, highly absorbable protein, saturated fat, calcium, B vitamins, and minerals. Dairy products have been demonized recently because of the genetically modified algae oil and vitamin fortified franken-dairy products that are found in grocery stores today. These are much different from high quality raw goat or heirloom-breed cows milk. 

Conventional dairy found in grocery stores is also higher in inflammatory proteins not generally found in raw milk. Leading to a list of symptoms that mimic dairy intolerance, when in reality, it may just be the quality of the milk.  

Dairy Absorb contains a significant dose of the lactase enzyme which allows us to break down and assimilate lactose, the disaccharide sugar present in dairy foods such as milk and cheese. Lactose is composed of glucose and galactose. Lactase is used to break them apart into their individual constituents so the body can utilize them to support the mitochondria.

People that don't consume dairy for long periods of time stop secreting the enzyme lactase, so when dairy is reintroduced in too large of quantities in a short time, inflammation of the sinuses and skin can occur. By supplementing lactase enzyme you may reduce the potential intolerance  that you may experience by reintroducing these animal superfoods.

It can also be used if you wish to enjoy a heaping bowl of high quality ice cream (preferably grass-fed). Taking one or a few lactase capsules will expedite the process of breaking down and absorbing the sugars in the ice cream.


Consume 1-2 capsules 5-10 minutes before eating a meal containing dairy. Experiment to find what dose works for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Koni Wright (Waipahu, US)

It works for me and my family members!!! I thought I was going to have to give up milk :( not now:)

Rocio (Thornton, US)
Has helped me so much

This product has helped so much. I can eat any type of dairy and I won’t have stomach pain that used to linger for months before I started taking these pills. I take 5 every time I eat any dairy.

I highly recommend them!!!

Kaci McKeen (Rehoboth, US)
The only thing that's helped

My husband developed an allergy to dairy about 5 years ago. His symptoms weren't the typical gastrointestinal issues instead, he gets a weird bubbly rash on his hands and fingers - itchy and really uncomfortable (like tears up his hands they're so itchy) the point where he just cut out most dairy for about 3 years. We searched for any sort of remedy with no luck. Finally, we stumbled on dairy absorb. It is the ONLY thing that has helped him. He takes it regularly, regardless of whether or not he consumes dairy and takes extra doses when he does eat it. He's been able to incorporate dairy back into his diet, mostly butter and cheese but even raw milk on occasion without any rash on his hand. Nevertheless, we're pretty happy with the product.

Rachel Hambley (Martinsville, US)

I can finally eat dairy again! It has been YEARS since I have been able to digest dairy without pain and gas. This product, along with higher quality dairy, has changed my life. I missed cheese y'all! so thankful!

Emily Pieper (Lafayette, US)
Works perfectly!!

I normally get bloated and backed up from eating cheese. Had fondue on Christmas Eve as well as many other dishes on various nights with cheese and took dairy absorb. Felt great and had regular bowel movements. And NO inflammation in face. Have shared with my family and they had the same experience.