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What is the recommended dosage of each product?

Make sure to read through each product page to increase your understanding of MITOLIFE products. All of the recommended servings are listed on each product. 

When do I take the MITOLIFE products?

Fat soluble vitamins compete for absorption, which is a shocking fact when you see how prevalent D3/K2 products are in the supplement realm. One study showed that vitamin D reduced vitamin K absorption by up to 58% (Conclaves, et al 2015). It is best to take your retinol by itself (whether its clean cod liver oil or retinyl palmitate), tocopherols (E) by themselves, menaquinones (K2) by themselves, or D3 by itself. Ideally we are basing our ADEK supplementing off of a 25D blood test, which is an accurate reflection of our D3 status. From there we can build a fat soluble vitamin supplement plan around that. One effective strategy is to take PUFA Protect with one meal and Purely K with another.

All of the other Mitolife supplements can be taken at any time with the exception of Dissolve-It-All, which is best taken on an empty stomach in-between meals. Digest-It-All, broad spectrum digestive enzymes, is best taken with meals.

Some people can take all of the supplements on an empty stomach without any digestive discomfort, but more sensitive individuals will benefit from taking them with food.

Will I experience a detox/die-off effect from your products?

Mitolife products are designed to be gentle. That being said, sensitive people or those with various health conditions may feel some effects. This can range from temporary breakouts of acne on the skin to fatigue. If this happens it is best to lower the dose or take a break from the suspected agonist with the ultimate goal to reintroduce it later without a reaction. 

Are your products safe if you are pregnant/nursing?

We are not doctors and cannot prescribe anything for specific situations. Please consult with your doctor, or ideally, your naturopathic physician.