What is the recommended dosage of each product?

Make sure to read through each product page to increase your understanding of MITOLIFE products. All of the recommended servings are listed on each product. 

How do I take the Panacea shilajit?

It can be taken with or without food. For some, taking it on an empty stomach may be too intense of an experience, so it is best taken with food. Consume with meals or with your coffee/tonic beverage. 

When do I take the MITOLIFE products?

Click here to watch a video from the founder Matt Blackburn explaining how and when to take each product.

Will I experience a detox/die-off effect from your products?

Sensitive people or those with various health conditions will likely feel some effects from the Mitolife products. This can range from temporary breakouts of acne on the skin to fatigue. Drink lots of pristine water with magnesium bicarbonate and push through it. 

Are your products safe for pregnancy?

We are not doctors and cannot prescribe anything for specific situations. That is a question best fit for your doctor or ideally, your naturopathic physician. 

Do you offer wholesale?

No and we don't plan to do so for the foreseeable future. MITOLIFE is an online-only, consumer-direct brand.