Greetings! I'm Matt Blackburn and I am the founder of Mitolife.

The purpose of Mitolife is to provide the most innovative and effective products which help you to live a less stressful, more energized and happier life. 

I believe that a good educator is one that is able to continuously learn and unlearn as experience and working with people reveals what works and what doesn't. 

A common thread I've found is that while we are individuals with unique genetics and experiences, what we have in common is that we're all exposed to the same toxins: omega-3s, iron, impure water, impure air, inorganic minerals in the food and non-native electromagnetic fields. These affect all of us the same and can lead to most of the debilitating chronic diseases that we see today. 

I will continue to share information about how to mitigate these toxins and live our best life so that we can protect the vulnerable women, children and future generations from power-hungry profiteers. 

The products I carry here will always be ones that I endorse with my entire being and use myself. A good educator is a good student, and a good student is one that is always open to being wrong as suppressed information comes to light.

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- Matt