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Dissolve-It-All is a systemic enzyme complex and cofactor blend that consists of enteric coated serrapeptase and nattokinase. 

Serrapeptase is derived from the same bacteria that the Japanese silkworm uses to dissolve its cocoon. Nattokinase is derived from the fermented soybean product natto. Note: This product does NOT contain soy. 

When taken on an empty stomach, these two potent proteolytic enzymes circulate in the system for up to 12 hours, assisting in breaking down excess fibrin. Fibrin is a sort of bio-mesh that is created because of tissue damage and reduces tissue function. Breaking down excess fibrin may support normal circulation, respiration and a healthy inflammatory response.*


  • Takes the burden off of the liver and white blood cells, increasing their function
  • Breaks down necrotic debris in the blood
  • Breaks down excessive fibrin and fibrinogen
  • Supports respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory, and sinus health
  • Decreases wrinkles and scar tissue
  • May improve conditions ending in -itis or -osis
  • May increase lifespan by decades

Unlike other brands using CAP and HPMCP in the capsules, the enteric coating on Dissolve-It-All is phthalate free and has been used for over fifty years. Phthalates are critical endocrine disruptors that affect our hormones. Enteric coating on the capsule is helpful so that the serrapeptase and nattokinase have a higher possibility of surviving the low pH of stomach acid, making it to the small intestine and ultimately into the bloodstream. 


Take systemic enzymes around your schedule and on an empty stomach. That could be just once a day in the morning immediately upon rising with 8-10 ounces water. Most people start with one capsule and gradually increase until results are seen or felt.

Consume with water only... Do not combine with food, supplements, and/or medications!

For best results, consume the capsule whole. If needed, open the capsule and consume directly, but this may effect absorption...

If taken near a meal, be sure to allow a min of 20 minutes before or 2 hours after!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 324 reviews
Janine Chasco (Long Branch, US)
I cant love this product enough

Since I started using it like two years ago, one day doesn't go by w/o my dissolve it enzyme that has helped me in many ways. But most of all with my explant T scar, it had a knot for many years and now I do not have it at all. The only product, new, that I introduced to my routing was the dissolve it all. Cheers to a great product

Thomas Wilson (Arnold, US)

I bought this for my wife, from a friend’s recommendation, because she has two kinds of arthritis and fibromyalgia!!! She said it has helped reduce the overall inflammation. This makes her smile again. Thank you MitoLife for a really good and thoughtful product.

Bernadettte Fritz (Philadelphia, US)
great product

Hi Team. Well, i think the Dissolve-it-all is great; it's not like you feel it working, but my teeth/gums feel better and my legs too. i'm taking 4 caps once a day, but wondering what is the amount that is allowed/safe? please let me know. Also, I feel so confused on the K2 issue. My thyroid practitioner says K2 is fine, but I should also take some MK-4. can you explain in an email about the specifics of MK-4 and how it helps the thyroid(have Hashhimoto's). Someone asked about the amounts of Nattok and Serrapeptase.
Mant thanks to you all!_


Tifani (Edmond, US)

This is a bottle of healing magic! The quality matters, and mitolife is top quality. Systemic enzymes have been a big tool to healing my husband's knee. Drinking bone broth and systemic enzymes are the magical potent to help support the body to heal. It is amazzzzing! We always make sure we have them in our home.

Lisa M (Vernon, CA)
It works!

Noticeable reduction in cellulite and scar tissue after 1 month.