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Our Desiccated Oyster is a whole food supplement rich in naturally occurring copper, selenium, zinc, vitamin B12 and is a good source of iodine. 

Each bottle contains the equivalent of 13 pounds of fresh Crassostrea gigas oysters which are sustainably harvested in New Zealand. 

Many people won't eat or can't source high quality fresh oysters... that is where a high quality low-temperature desiccated oyster supplement comes in! 

Our body requires a certain ratio of key minerals. Oysters serve as the perfect delivery system for the exact ratios our cells crave. 

Desiccated Oyster helps you acquire the proper forms and ratios of minerals in a strongly bioavailable way. The right ratios of minerals helps mitochondria perform at their best, and detoxification enzymes perform at their peak! 

Mitochondria require a large amount of micronutrients like copper and iron, to allow electron transfer to occur. Without it, they can't make energy. Mitochondria also need zinc to repair their own DNA. Without adequate zinc, mitochondrial DNA damage can accumulate.

Energy production is sped up by micronutrients thanks to their abilities to act like catalysts for reaction. Certain enzymatic reactions will not occur without the right micronutrients involved. This is why supplying an adequate amount is important for optimal health.


  • High Quality Protein Source
  • Contains Unique Antioxidant DHMBA
  • Whole Food Source of Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, & B12
  • May Boost the Immune System
  • Improve Reproductive Health


Other Ingredients: Bamboo Extract and Vegetarian Capsule (hypromellose and water)


For best results take 4 capsules each morning or afternoon with or without food. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Melanie (Ventura, US)
Oyster pill

I have enjoyed this product. It’s nutrient dense and helps since I have not been eating oysters often. I appreciate the quality of the product. My hair and skin feel great!

Olivia Pfeiler (Brunswick, US)

I am female and when I take two of these capsules my **** drive is back. I’m a mom and have struggled with a drive since becoming a mom. But these make me fantasize and day dream about **** again. I usually only have a drive while ovulating but these make me want it so bad.

Bebhinn Horrigan (Tacoma, US)
Love it

So glad I bought this product. It does what it says to help with hormone changes

Gracie Hudson (San Diego, US)

I truly love thee products. My hair an nails get so much better hen I take this consistently.

Katie (Santee, US)
Nutrient dense; gave great energy

I enjoyed taking the oyster pills for their nutrition and since I don’t regularly nor occasionally buy oysters (it’s more on the spare side, aka once or twice a year). To be more cost effective I tried these which I’m glad I did, since my body reacted very well with more energy and a better time with my period. I was actually scared I skipped my period since I started taking these and I wasn’t having any cramps in my legs, which is my usual sign of going on my period, so I stopped taking them for a week, and then I started my period. I think the oyster pills actually helped my body to NOT have cramps, though, so I started taking them again. I take them every few days for the energy boost, or at least once a week. Great product. Definitely smells and tastes like oysters, but I love oysters, so it makes my senses happy. Doesn’t taste too much since you swallow them so quickly, but the smell is there.