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Resilien-C is a whole food source of vitamin C.

"Ascorbic acid simply cannot confer vitamin activity." - Dr. Albert Szent-Georgi, Nobel Price Laureate, Discoverer of Vitamin C

Contrary to popular opinion, ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. It is the shell of the vitamin C molecule. We don't call the frame of a car, the car. The car includes: the alternator, the engine, the battery, the seats, the wheels, etc. The same could be said about the vitamin C molecule.

Whole food vitamin C contains not only ascorbic acid but also rutin, bioflavonoids, P factor, J factor, K factor, ascorbinogen, and perhaps most importantly, the tyrosinase enzyme which contains bio-available copper. Tyrosinase initiates the oxidation of the amino acid tyrosine into melanin. Tyrosinase deficiency is a root cause of greying hair.


Rutin, a bioflavonoid in whole food vitamin C, attaches to iron (Fe2+) and prevents it from binding to hydrogen peroxide, called the Fenton Reaction. It also decreases capillary permeability, making the capillaries less leaky and improving circulation. It is also neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, antihypertensive, antivaricose, an internal sunscreen, and an immunomodulator.

While it is often exclaimed that (AA) ascorbic acid is sourced from GMO corn and corrosive sulfuric acid, the more concerning point is AA's affect on ceruloplasmin or active copper. When you consume AA your body must pull precious resources to utilize it including copper. Without copper we cannot utilize oxygen properly and excess iron becomes extra damaging.

While there can be tremendous benefit to using isolated nutrients in context, such as vitamin K2-7 and vitamin E, this does not apply to l-ascorbic acid, one isolated fraction of the vitamin C complex. In the context of worldwide iron overload and lipofuscin, it will exacerbate our problems.

Contrary to popular opinion, copper toxicity and zinc deficiency are fairytales told by mainstream alternative practitioners. 

Bioavailable copper and active copper deficiency and iron overload are the real problems. Iron overload... from drinking and bathing in the spring, well and tap water, and eating fortified foods growing up... creates a copper deficiency.

When we don't understand the problem we entertain asinine solutions such as ascorbic acid, omega-3, zinc and vitamin D supplements.

One of the solutions to the epidemic of iron overload is to consume copper in food. The richest sources are ruminant animal organ meats, shellfish, bee pollen, shilajit, and whole food vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is not just for the immune system as we've been taught through marketing. Whole food sources of vitamin C provide the substrate on which we are able to create cellular energy, adenosine triphosphate, ATP. 


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Ashley Nemcic (Lexington, US)
5 stars

This product along with desiccated beef liver helped get my hemoglobin up from 11.5 to 12.8 in one month in preparation for my first home birth. It's also gotten me thru Covid at 33 wks pregnant. A wonderful product.

Wendy Allred (Mona, US)
Okay I think

I didn't notice a huge improvement when we got a cold.

Emily (Coachella, US)
Love them

I love them as any other product from Mitolife. The greatest change have been my skin. My skin is glowing!! More hydrated and I'm constantly getting compliments on my skin.

MARIKA English (Las Vegas, US)

Love it!

Melinda Sponseller (Cincinnati, US)

Great products worth the wait time.
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