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Dissolve-It-All is a systemic enzyme and cofactor blend that consists of enteric coated serrapeptase and nattokinase. 

Serrapeptase is derived from the same bacteria that the Japanese silkworm uses to dissolve its cocoon. Nattokinase is derived from the fermented soybean product natto. Note: This product is NOT derived from soybeans.

When taken on an empty stomach, these two potent proteolytic enzymes circulate in the system for up to 12 hours, assisting in breaking down fibrin and other accumulated proteins. Breaking down excess proteins may support normal circulation, respiration and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.*

BENEFITS of Systemic Enzymes:

  • Takes the burden off of the liver and white blood cells, increasing their function*
  • Breaks down necrotic debris in the blood*
  • Breaks down excessive fibrin and fibrinogen*
  • Supports respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory, and sinus health*
  • Decreases wrinkles and scar tissue*
  • May improve conditions ending in -itis or -osis*
  • May increase lifespan by decades*

Unlike other brands using CAP and HPMCP in the capsules, the enteric coating on Dissolve-It-All is phthalate free and has been used for over fifty years. Enteric coating on the capsule is necessary so that the serrapeptase and nattokinase survive the low pH of stomach acid, make it to the small intestine and ultimately the bloodstream. 


Take systemic enzymes around your schedule on an empty stomach. That could be just once a day in the morning immediately upon waking with 8-10 ounces of filtered water. Most people start with one capsule and gradually increase until results are seen or felt.

The entire capsule must be swallowed. It can't be broken into a smoothie. It must be taken on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before a meal or a few hours after a meal. Make sure to drink an adequate amount of filtered water.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Lu (Brisbane, AU)
Incredible Product

I've had achilles tendonopathy/itis for over a year. Tried many treatments, including shockwave therapy. Nothing worked. This has lead to mobility issues and also creating more work for a 30 year long knee injury for having to accomodate the achilles injury. I am due for othrobiologic treatment for the achilles and the knee , which uses PRP to heal. I started taking Dissolv It and I'm due in two weeks for the surgery. The achilles pain has reduced from 90% down to 30% as of today. I can walk on my right foot easily, although achilles is still sore to touch. I'm so impressed with this product. I have had instant results with pain and looking forward to the healing after surgery to use along side red light therapy as well. Thanks Mito life - absolute life savers.

Gloria Heinze (Compton, US)
Works very well

I am on my second bottle. I am assuming based on what the description says, your body will utilize it where needed. I always approach things especially new to me, supplements with caution. My system is very sensitive. In other words the effect on me personally is quick and strong.

So I took ONE the first time as directed. The next day morning the first thing that happened was it worked in my bowels. Nothing crazy just WOW, in a good way. So I graduated to taking 2 before bed. It was great to be regular and getting rid of waste felt really good!

Second bottle… I started feeling pretty nauseous right before eliminating. This could be completely unrelated, after a few more days, tingling in my legs. I kept taking it but nausea and tingling were throwing me off. I stopped taking DIA for a few days. Tingling slowly subsided but still dealing with occasional nausea.

Not sure if it’s the DIA, but it definitely worked for cleaning out the intestines. Sometimes I didn’t drink a lot of water and the nausea was worse then.

Overall I believe it works. Would love to get more feedback about issues I encountered. Great service, quick processing and received my product in good shape.

Love all the info from Matt.

Cassidy Fenske (Fort Myers, US)
Saving grace after 1.5 years of muscle strain!

This product is a BLESSING! I had an annoying glute strain from lifting weights for about 1.5 years until I took Dissolv-It-All. I took one bottle and noticed the pain lessen. I took another bottle and before I finished that 2nd bottle, the pain was gone. I will continue taking this Divine product to eat up the calcification and other weird anti human things being done to us. I am forever grateful for Mitolife + the truth Matt shares. He has helped me dismantle the alternative health matrixes and is helping me focus on the most important actions to take for my health. THANK YOU ENDLESSLY!

Patricia W (Stuart, US)

I started taking MitoLife at the suggestion of my friend who is a nurse. She heard the ingredients in it “eat fibrin”. I showed it to my Functional MD and he agreed. I took it twice a day for a month to reduce the size of uterine fibroids. After one month I have NO SYMPTOMS any longer! I am ecstatic ! Thank you!

Dawn (Florissant, US)
Simply Amazing

I’ve been taking Dissolve it All now for about two weeks. I’m feeling great. I’ve had a lump behind my shoulder blade for years now and it’s greatly reduced. I’ve been to massage therapist and acupuncturist in the past to try and break it up. Finally getting some relief with just this product. Also my over all stiffness is almost nonexistent.