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Finally, an affordable MADE IN U.S.A. under counter (point of use) water filtration system that doesn’t compromise water quality for PRICE! 

For too long the Wellness Market has been dominated by overpriced products that simply don’t work… and some that do, but cost too much! Utilizing the best available name brand parts, this completely OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM is designed to revolutionize the Wellness Market! 

The CONFIGURE YOUR HOME SYSTEM option allows you to decide what you need and what you don't!

Have an existing RO system that needs replacing? Choose the Filtration Assembly Only. 

Starting from scratch? Be sure to order a Premium Install Kit, which includes all the necessary parts for a "typical" install.


1. Sediment (Polypropylene 5 Micron)
2. KDF 55 & Granular Activated Carbon
3. Reverse Osmosis (50 GPD)
4. Deionization (Primary)
5. Deionization (Secondary)
6. Re-Mineralization (Corosex-MgO)
7. Coconut Carbon


      • Easy to follow Install Guide (digital only)
      • Flow Motion Water System's ERA platform
      • Free-Standing, no mounting necessary
      • Bulkhead Fittings for quick + easy install
      • Omnipure's OVERSIZED quick change "Twist-Off" Cartridges 
      • Aquatec Permeate Pump for enhanced performance 
      • Quality "Quick Connect" fittings 
      • Customizable to address future emerging contaminants
      • Safer, cleaner, better tasting water for the whole family
      • Environmentally responsible - no more plastic bottles
      • Keep the healthy beneficial minerals, remove the contaminants

      FILTRATION ENSLOSURE: H 18" x W 15" x D 7"

      WATER STORAGE TANK: H 16" x D 11"  (3.2 gallons)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Lisa (Chico, US)
      Dream come true!

      I have been dreaming of getting this filter, and finally we have it! I was worried about the installation, but I made sure to read the manual several times before installing to get familiar. My husband and I worked together on installing it, and it took us about 1.5hrs. It went just fine, we just made sure to take our time so we did it correctly. We did a water taste test after and it was clear that this water is far superior to our prior gravity filter. So glad we made this purchase!

      L.m. (Watervliet, US)
      Love the taste of my water

      Traded in my pristine hydro for mitolife water unit

      Very pleased

      Selling pristine hydro unit if anyone is interested


      Stephen L (Miami, US)
      Industrial Build for the Home

      This unit was a breeze to install and is built to last. Water quality is great. We went from a water distiller to this system because the distiller took a lot of maintenance and did not provide a balanced odor-free water.

      M (Guilderland, US)
      A worthy investment

      I would recommend this system, which I've been using 2 whole months. I got a screaming deal on the system and premium install lot (all-in $1,510) in June 2023, and it took me another 2 months to afford installation and to find a plumber confident enough to install it. My plumber charged me $1,332 for installation and it took about 6 hours. I went this route because Matt himself said he had a mini disaster during a DIY attempt to install. My upfront total cost including install was $2,842. I share these details because I want to encourage people to plan accordingly, not to discourage purchasing. I am already looking into restocking my filters, because that is right around the corner.

      How's the water, though?? It tastes amazing. I am very happy with the quality of the water from the system. I am also happy to support MitoLife because I feel that the company represents my values. My only feedback for MitoLife is to please make the filter-change schedule more accessible. It should be embedded into the filter product page, rather than only buried in the manual. Speaking of the manual, it is LONG but clear. The plumber was impressed and followed it closely. It also includes a maintenance schedule.

      Now I bring my gallon flask to work and flex on everyone with my SEVEN STAGE filtered water. (I am a chemist and work exclusively among scientists.)

      Brent Fidler (Marina del Rey, US)
      Awesome System!

      We just remodeled our house and had this RO system installed. It has been amazing have drinkable water. We also hooked it up to our refrigerator so you can have good ice as well!