What is the recommended usage of each product?

Make sure to read through each product page to increase your understanding of Mitolife products and the CLF Protocol. All of the recommended doses are listed on each product. 

How do I take the Panacea shilajit?

Most customers prefer to swallow the tablets whole with water and take 3-5 tablets per day. 

Why does PUFA Protect contain a PUFA?

Compounds act differently in a hydrated state versus a dehydrate state. It is called ionic delivery. Vitamin E is best mixed with a fat, in this case non-GMO sunflower oil. The amount of Vitamin E needed to neutralize the PUFA in one PUFA Protect capsule is probably 15-20 IUs.

A dose of 400 IU is actually quite large! You would have to eat bags and bags of sunflower seeds to get that same amount, and you would be consuming a lot more PUFA than this supplement.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders usually ship out within 24 hours. Domestic shipping with USPS is two to three days and international shipping is 7-10 business days. 

Refund Policy

You can return your product(s) within 30 days of purchase if they are unopened. Reach out to us on the contact page or live chat.


The customer is responsible for paying all custom/import fees.