Mag-ATP (Magnesium Complex)

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You often hear that 300 enzymes are dependent on magnesium to function. That is false. Magnesium is responsible for over 3700 enzymatic functions in the body. We have a little over 9,000 enzymes that run our body, so that breaks down to 42% of your enzymes being magnesium dependent.

Oxidative stress is caused by a myriad of factors: nutritional deficiencies, environmental pollutants and toxins, psychological and emotional stress all drains our magnesium and increases the "magnesium burn rate" (MBR); this is the speed at which we use up magnesium.

Magnesium is our buffer against these stressors and chemical insults. If our bodies need to support their repair processes better, then they will burn through magnesium faster too. Certain heavy metals can compete and reduce the available magnesium too, effectively neutralizing our body's regenerative capacity.

It is indisputable that magnesium is the #1 mineral that decreases when we're stressed, followed by sodium and potassium. This is why electrolytes are so important. They also help maintain the electric charge of our bodies. 

The current state of our soil (with conventional practices wiping out microbes, fungi and fulvic acid) makes it nearly impossible to get enough magnesium from our food. 

Mag-ATP is a combination of two forms of amino acid bound magnesium: magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium taurate.

Many people are taking forms of magnesium found in multi-mineral supplements. The magnesium is being canceled out by calcium and also canceled out by vitamin D3 and many others. 

The form of magnesium Mitolife uses also supports the ability for that magnesium to come inside of cells and be immediately available to mitochondria and DNA. In turn, mitochondrial biogenesis (the formation of new mitochondria), occurs. As well as more effective DNA repair. In fact, without magnesium, DNA repair enzymes cannot work. 


A serving size of Mag-ATP (3 capsules) gives you 400 mg of absorbable magnesium. It is ideal to take them with food but they can be taken at any time. The laxative effect that is common with many magnesium products is less common with these amino acid bound forms.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Amber Newcombe (Ada, US)

Helps me with anxiety, sleep, and cramps. Love this product!

Lydia Black (Cleveland, US)
So Helpful!

It helps with my anxiety around my menstrual cycle significantly. I take it every day and if I don't I can really feel the difference. I stock up on it any time there's a sale because I never want to be without it. Anecdotally, I stopped taking it last week unintentionally and had some severe anxiety for a few days. About an hour after I took it I was much much calmer. Lifesaver.

Jason D (Phoenix, US)
The Chill Pill

New to this product, haven’t had a good long term evaluation done, but I do notice the relaxation and better digestion from this mag product. I also use other forms of mag, but I alternate days, this one is great because I can know the exact dose, with the liquid forms it gets a little tricky to really know the dose you’re getting, very happy with this chill pill!

Alice (New York, US)

This magnesium supplement truly is fantastic - I can feel immediate affects after taking it. If I have a sleepless night, taking it puts me to sleep. If I have anxiety during the day, it makes it disappear, but I don't get sleepy at all! It truly has been working wonders for me. I highly recommend this for lots of reasons, my anxiety and sleep have improved so much.

Anne Fournier (Rivière-du-Loup, CA)
Very good

This is a very good supplement for anxiety. I used to have shortness of breath because of my anxiety, and now it’s gone. I sleep so much better, and I don’t have nightmares anymore. Highly recommend!

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