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You often hear that 300 enzymes are dependent on magnesium to function. That is false. Magnesium is responsible for over 3700 enzymatic functions in the body. We have a little over 9,000 enzymes that run our body, so that breaks down to 42% of your enzymes being magnesium dependent.

Oxidative stress caused by excessive iron in the tissues, HUFAs (highly unsaturated fatty acids) in the tissues, gluconeogenesis from carbohydrate restriction, or psychological and emotional stress all drains your magnesium and increases the "magnesium burn rate" (MBR). This is the speed at which we use up magnesium.

It is indisputable that magnesium is the # 1 mineral that decreases when we're stressed, followed by sodium and potassium.

The current state of our soil (microbes, fungi and fulvic acid being wiped out) makes it nearly impossible to get enough magnesium from our food. Even if someone is growing their own green leafy vegetables in a greenhouse with filtered water, if their body has systemic iron overload (and lipofuscin) it is physiologically impossible to raise their red blood cell (RBC) magnesium levels. This is where supplementation comes in while we lower the MBR through the CLF Protocol and various tools and lifestyle practices. 

Mag-ATP is a combination of two forms of amino acid bound magnesium: magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium taurate.

Many people are taking forms of magnesium found in multi-mineral supplements. The magnesium is being cancelled out by calcium and also cancelled out by vitamin D3 supplements and many others. Oxide, carbonate and citrate are forms of magnesium that are not only useless but some, like citrate, are harmful due to the fact that they obliterate ceruloplasmin (active copper). 


A serving size of Mag-ATP (3 capsules) gives you 400 mg of bioavailable magnesium. It is ideal to take them with food but they can be taken at any time. The laxative effect that is common with many magnesium products is less common with these amino acid bound forms.


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Yekaterina Katalnikov
Awesome product

Works like a charm

Megan Morris (Orlando, US)

Awesome! Love this product

Ellen Mazzone (Los Angeles, US)

This is the best magnesium I have ever used. It clearly makes a difference. I also started my dad on it. Game changer !!!!

Marci M. (Austin, US)
Awesome Magnesium complex!

This is the best magnesium complex product out there! My period cramps are not as bad, I'm sleeping better.. I don't ever wanna run out! Mitolife products are hands down the purest you're gonna find. So grateful I found this company.

Crystal Morgan

I love this product and that I can feel confident that it is of good quality!! It is really helping me sleep and get back on track with my health!